Standered FAT support on r4i cards

Published: 11th March 2010
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FAT system is file allocation table system. This FAT system is simple and reliable. With the help of FAT system we do not lose the data. Now its time to know where to use this FAT system. Say example,If you have a notebook where we have started to write the shopping list which require us to take down an address. To be continue the process we have two options,one is to rip out the page with the address or second is to carry on on the next page. If we do continue then computer on the other hand would have no idea which bit belonged where so it may form some problems. With the help of FAT system we can keep track of data. There are three types of file system that are FAT12,FAT16 and FAT32. So 12 bits in a FAT12,16 bits in FAT16 and 32 bits in FAT32. There are different types of devices where this FAT system is used.There FAT types are decided which are depend on the device storage.

As we all know the most popular r4i cards which is used for playing games,watching movies,listening music and videos as well as reading ebooks. This r4i card has great unique features and specifications. This is great to say r4i card also supports standard FAT format. As there is also default microSD card available which has also great ability of supporting FAT16 and FAT 32. So we can easily store and restore the data on r4i cards. This r4i cards are 3rd generation storage device where we don't need any booting tool. This device has also great ability to memorize and restore to the previously selected game of application after restarting machine. All in all with the great support of FAT system we can use r4i cards in friendly way.

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